Right To The City at the US Social Forum!!

Right To The City Alliance (RTC) has been helping to anchor the Housing People's Movement Assembly (PMA) of the U.S. Social Forum (USSF). A coalition of affordable, HUD and public housing; land; anti-gentrification; land trust; housing trust; and homeless advocates are coming together to plan a people's movement assembly (PMA) on housing for the U.S. Social Forum.
In addition to supporting RTC delegates to participate in the forum overall we have concentrated our efforts around developing housing panels, informing the coordination of the March from Austerity to Prosperity local action and supporting the development of a 4-hour Housing PMA. See below for more information about the event.

Additionally we are sponsoring delegates to attend the Summer of Our Power People's Movement Assembly, a Climate Justice Alliance and USSF assembly, hosted by Cooperation Jackson in Jackson Mississippi. For more information about the Summer of Our Power click here.

U.S. Social Forum- The third U.S. Social Forum is taking place in Philadelphia from June 25th to the 28th and will represent a convergence of people from around the country developing people's solutions to our political, economic, and ecological crises. You can follow this link to read more about the Forum.

Please register for the Forum in Philadelphia today by selecting the following
link: Once registered, we encourage you to apply for a workshop:
The deadline to apply for a workshop is June 5th.

Thank you. We look forward to seeing you in Philadelphia this month!

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