We hold urban congresses in different cities so that stakeholders can share models and strategies for organizing in their city. RTC member groups are building a dynamic municipal front with the involvement of social justice organizations, environmental groups, research think tanks, and labor to create a sustainable 21st century city. Our goal is to build a city where tenants, homeowners, youth, women, workers, citizens and immigrants are respected and can meaningfully participate in a democratic process, shape the development plan for their city, live in a healthy environment, and have access to quality jobs and housing. The 21st Century Cities Campaign coordinates trans-local work groups, profiles member victories and experimentation to promote solutions to the economic crisis at the national level and shares organizing models and resources so that new member groups and allies can move this vision forward.

Homes For All Campaign- Housing and Land

Homes For All is a national campaign launched by Right To The City Alliance that aims to protect, defend, and expand housing that is truly affordable and dignified for low-income and very low-income communities by engaging those most directly impacted by this crisis through local and national organizing, winning strong local policies that protect renters and homeowners, supporting efforts at building models for truly affordable community-controlled housing and shifting the national debate on housing. We believe that housing is a human right not a commodity.


Renter’s Rights Team, Our Homes, Our Land Initiative, Rental Speculation Team, Communications, Political Education, Fannie Freddie Fighters and #NOW WATT campaign

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Research and Policy Committee 

RTC works closely with a team of academic partners and resource allies to design and produce research and policy reports that support our campaigns by strengthening our knowledge of local and national policy on housing.

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Civic Engagement

Right To The City facilitates cross-region learning and strategizing for organizations who have integrated civic engagement into their work. In all our cities, organizations are building power bases that unite the new urban majority — with millions of women, immigrants, African Americans, working class and poor people of color, and LGTBQ communities engaging in radical democratic participation and voter organizing. Our member groups use cutting edge technologies, expert data analysis, strategic communications and are innovating new best practices to mobilize voters around issues and policies that are core to their communities. RTC is prioritizing municipal campaigns to develop workable 21st Century solutions through practices such as participatory budgeting, civilian review of local police, and the fight for quality, affordable housing asa defining, basic right.

Ecological Justice

Having a plan for a city that honors and protects nature is a global necessity. When member organizations participate in local actions to build urban gardens, fight unhealthy or unsanitary living conditions, create food cooperatives and point out racist practices in city development they are struggling to build the world in which they want to breathe and one that is sustainable for people and the planet. The RTC eco-justice work group weaves the focus on ecology and energy alternatives with the lived realities of working class communities and communities of color across issues and regions to develop policies and practices that can help lead to a good, healthy life for all.

Boston and Los Angeles Regional Organizing

Organizations in RTC Boston and Los Angeles are serving as a national model due to their higher level of cohesion and cooperation as a city and their common political values.

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