Right to the City Alliance and the Organizing Committee of the Homes For All campaign extend our warm appreciation to you for your interest in this toolkit and the Renter Nation Assembly process. The intended audience for this document is/are: individuals and organizations involved in struggles against displacement and gentrification that are led by impacted residents, in cities in the United States.

This toolkit represents a phase of exciting growth and evolution for the Homes For All campaign: a series of coordinating convenings across the country (which we are calling Renter Nation Assemblies ) that will breathe new life into local housing justice struggles and reinvigorate a national movement led by impacted residents. We are excited for you to join us!

This toolkit provides a road map for how to pull off a successful assembly in your city. However, your local context will determine its shape and character: local political conditions, power relationships, organizational terrain, strategic clarity and other factors will all play a role. The degree of our collective success will depend in large part on how well we forecast and contend with these and other key factors in order to create the momentum needed to achieve ground-shifting breakthroughs both locally and nationally.

We also know that how and why we join together to fight for Homes For All are as critical to our success as what immediate issues are most pressing for our communities. We hope that the strategic framework, case studies and tools in this document can help us develop a shared vision, culture and practice in our work together to address the crisis that our communities are experiencing.

Alleviating the situation is going to require deep advances in the fight to reclaim, remain in and rebuild our cities. We are called to take risks, set aside egos, and experiment with new ways of achieving mass popular participation. Our communities deserve nothing less. Thanks again for your energy, investment and leadership in moving this work forward.