Originally published by Fox News Atlanta

ATLANTA – A coalition of community activists, union members and veterans have banded together to protest Fannie Mae’s decision to move with the eviction a Desert Storm veteran.

They rallied in front of Fannie Mae’s local headquarters in northeast Atlanta on Wednesday.

The group protested what it calls Fannie Mae’s refusal to help Desert Storm veteran Mark Harris stay in his home.

Harris also delivered a petition signed by thousands of people across the country in support of his struggle.

A number of veterans joined Harris to speak out in support of his struggle against Fannie Mae.

Organizers say one-third of Atlanta’s homeless population are U.S. veterans.

Fannie Mae responded with a statement on Thursday. It states, “For the last several months, Fannie Mae has engaged with Mr. Harris to work out a solution to allow him to remain in the home. We have made numerous offers, but Mr. Harris has been unable or unwilling to accept any of them. Unfortunately, we do not have any other options to offer Mr. Harris. Any homeowner who is struggling to make their payments should contact their servicer or Fannie Mae immediately. Our goal is to prevent foreclosures whenever we can, and homeowners must work with us to do that. Homeowners can visit for more information and resources. Any homeowner in Atlanta with a Fannie Mae loan can call our Atlanta Mortgage Help Center at (866) 442-8573 for assistance in pursuing their options.”