Right to the City Alliance is sponsoring a one-day URBAN congress to help expand foreclosure organizing to new cities/communities, strengthen it where it exists and deepen partnerships between community groups, labor and the OCCUPY movement. The panels and workshops will address the following:

  • Basebuilding–creating a mass based membership organizations led by residents directly affected by foreclosure and displacement
  • Leadership Development—developing skills and consciousness of directly affected residents
  • Mass Resistance Strategies/Tactics—ie. eviction blockades, mortgage fraud detection Legal Strategies/Tactics
  • Regional and Statewide Power—developing regional strategy and bases that coordinate
  • Demand Development—developing transformative demands to win community control of housing and land

PRESENTERS: Right to the City member groups (City Life/Vida Urbana-Boston, Causa Justa/Just Cause-Bay area), OCCUPY groups (including Greensboro and Atlanta), and Common Good.

WHEN: Thursday, May 10 from 9am to 5pm

WHERE: Sheraton Charlotte Airport Hotel, 3315 Scott Futrell Drive, Charlotte NC 28208 (Website: http://bit.ly/K1VQw9)

If you have questions, contact Tony Romano at tony@righttothecity.org or 404.593.5227

Foreclosure organizing has been spreading like wildfire. Across the country, action and consciousness are on the rise. Now, tens if not hundreds of thousands are engaged in struggle. As the economic and political crises continue, there are two critical needs in our movement: 1) To expand foreclosure/anti-displacement organizing. We are winning, but to win our full demands, we must expand our efforts to organize the millions hit hard by the housing crisis and foreclosures who are not yet organized. This requires providing support/training to individuals/groups eager to start and/or expand organizing, and to develop strategy and bases regionally. 2) To advance and develop transformative demands. We now fight to win the critical battle for principal reduction for all and restitution for those who lost their homes. We also have an opportunity to develop and fight for transformative demands that strike at the root causes of the crisis and move us to community control of housing and land.