New “Homes for All” Campaign Launches with National Day of Action in 11 Major Cities Uniting Homeless Families, Public Housing Residents, Underwater Homeowners, and Renters

For Immediate Release: March 13, 2013
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**Photos of actions will be available after 2pm EST here: LINK**
Americans in Crisis Join Forces to Demand an Affordable Housing Plan from President Obama

New York, NY—A new campaign uniting renters, public housing residents, homeless families, and underwater homeowners to demand an affordable housing plan from President Obama launched today with actions in 11 major US cities. Events include marches, direct actions protecting apartment buildings slated for demolition, neighborhood tours, rallies, and more.

The cities involved in today’s day of action include: Atlanta, Boston, Providence, LA, Seattle, New York, Springfield, Oakland, Minneapolis, and Seattle.

“Americans are in crisis and desperate for affordable housing— paying upwards of 80% of their income in rent, facing the demolition of whole apartment buildings, watching government sponsored slum lords like Fannie Mae let their apartments descend into squalor,” said Rachel Laforest, Executive Director of Right to the City. “The Homes For All campaign will unite renters, homeowners, homeless families, and public housing residents for the first time to demand that Obama and Congress lay out an affordable housing plan immediately.”

Key demands for President Obama and elected officials include: Expand and maintain affordable housing nationwide by funding the National Housing Trust Fund, HUD and Section 8; Protect families from big banks and private equity firms trying to turn a profit on housing; and reset mortgages fairly to current home values to immediately allow 3 million families to stay in their homes.

“I believe that housing is a human right,” said Anne Marie Guillaume, a member of the Miami Workers Center currently facing foreclosure. “Corner after corner, block after block there are abandoned homes, foreclosures, slum like apartments, ‘affordable’ housing that our communities can’t afford, and homelessness. This is a real problem and we need real change. We will make our voices heard to ignite that change and demand homes for all.”

The campaign will use a combination of escalating grassroots actions, advertising, and online organizing until President Obama announces a plan to protect affordable housing for all Americans.

“We are excited and proud to partner with the Right to the City Alliance in launching this dynamic and unprecedented campaign,” said Sheila Crowley, CEO of the National Low Income Housing Coalition. “Together we will work toward our common goal of expanding affordable housing for low and very low-income families across the country through innovative policy solutions and robust grassroots organizing that address the ongoing housing crisis and facilitate economic recovery for those hardest hit by the recession.”

According to the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty 3 million families and individuals are homeless and half of them are children. Lower-income families in unaffordable units have 50% less to spend on healthcare and clothes, 40% less to spend on food, and 30% less to spend on insurance and pensions compared to families in affordable units, and up to 10 million underwater homeowners will lose their home to foreclosure over the next four years.

“This American crisis should embarrass President Obama and our elected officials, federal, state, and local alike. Americans are fed up, and we demand a plan on affordable housing,” concluded Laforest.


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