Date Outlet City Title Link
9/11/2017 Sonoma Sun Sonoma County Upcoming Renter Week of Action
9/13/2017 KCET / Link TV LA/ CA City Rising, Multiple videos and articles
9/14/2017 Sonoma Sun Sonoma County Who Cares about Renters Issues?
9/17/2017 News Channel 5 – Nashville Nashville Coalition Lists Demands For Mayor’s Transit Plan
9/17/2017 NewsChannel 5 Nashville Coalition Lists Demand for Mayor’s Transit Plan
9/18/2017 Colorlines US #RenterWeekOfAction Addresses Nationwide Housing Crisis
9/18/2017 LA Weekly Los Angeles L.A.’s Housing Crisis Is Now the Nation’s Housing Crisis
9/18/2017 Orange County Register Samta ANa Activists push for more affordable housing, rent control in Santa Ana
9/18/2017 Tennessean Nashville Billion-dollar transit plan must benefit all Nashvillians
9/18/2017 Tennessean Tennessee Billion-dollar transit plan must benefit all Nashville
9/19/2017 ABC5 Minneapolis Apartment Tenants Take Grievances to Twin Cities Landlord’s Front Door
9/19/2017 BillyPenn Philadelphia Photos: Protesters outside Ben Carson’s Vaux High School visit
9/19/2017 Fox 17 Nashville Protestors call Nashville’s $6 billion transit plan the ‘gentrification train’
9/19/2017 KEYT3 Santa Barbara Activists rally for renter’s rights in Santa Barbara
September 18-23 is ‘Renter Week of Action’
9/19/2017 Metro – Philadelphia Philadelphia Ben Carson to oversee reopening of Philly school, protests planned
9/19/2017 NewsChannel 5 Nashville Activists Protest Transit Plan, Hope For Affordable Housing Instead
9/19/2017 Next City US Here’s What U.S. Cities Gain If Housing Is Affordable
9/19/2017 OC Weekly Orange County Housing Activists Kick Off “Renters Week of Action” in Santa Ana
9/19/2017 Philadelphia Magazine Philadelphia Time for a Protest: Ben Carson Is Coming to Philly on Tuesday
9/19/2017 Philadelphia HUD Secretary Ben Carson helps open a North Philly high school
9/19/2017 StarTribute Minneapolis Angry renters demonstrate outside landlord Stephen Frenz’s home
9/19/2017 Tennesean Nashville Activists warn of Mayor Barry’s transit push becoming ‘gentrification train,’ demand benefits
9/19/2017 The Progressive Duplicate? Renter Week’ Brings Protests to Corporate Landlord and HUD Offices
9/19/2017 The Progressive National ‘Renter Week’ Brings Protests to Corporate Landlord and HUD Offices
9/19/2017 Twin Cities Pioneer Press St. Paul Romanish, Snyder: Pricing tenants out of their homes
9/19/2017 Univision Santa Ana Con una protesta, inquilinos en Santa Ana exigen que se respeten sus derechos
9/19/2017 Nashville Some worry $6 billion Nashville transit plan won’t benefit their communities
9/19/2017 WSMV-TV Nashville Residents, community activists raise concerns over Nashville mass transit plan
9/20/2017 Alternet US Tenants Nationwide Tell Landlords They’re Fed Up: Renter Week of Action
A week’s worth of rallies, protests and demonstrations aims to unite renters and draw attention to their struggles.
9/20/2017 CityLab US If Rent Were Affordable, the Average Household Would Save $6200 a Year
9/20/2017 KEYT Santa Barbara Activists rally for renter’s rights in Santa Barbara
9/20/2017 Nashville Public Radio (WPLN) Nashville Activists Question Whether Gallatin Road Will Really Benefit East Nashville
9/20/2017 OCRegister San Diego Majority of Orange, San Diego county voters support rent control, poll says
9/20/2017 Rhode Island Future Providence DARE smashes piñatas in protest against high rents, evictions and public subsidies for luxury housing
9/20/2017 Spare Change News Boston Boston puts Advanced Property Management on notice in kickoff to Renters’ Week of Action
9/20/2017 The Baltimore Sun Baltimore “Renter Week of Action” calls attention to housing crisis
9/20/2017 The Detroit News Detroit Council approves housing law amid gentrification fears
9/20/2017 The Portland Mercury Portland From Slacktivism to Activism
9/21/2017 CityPages Minneapolis The newest battle coming to Minneapolis: Rent control
9/21/2017 Denver ABC 7 Denver Aurora mobile home residents fight owner’s plan to close park
9/21/2017 Equal Voice US A Look at Hope and Housing on Skid Row in Los Angele
9/21/2017 KTVL (Channel 10) Ashland, OR Some Ashland community members say they pay 40 percent of their their income on rent
9/21/2017 Mission Local San Francisco The San Francisco Anti-Displacement Coalition has produced the series of advertisements as part of National Renter’s Week of Action.
9/21/2017 ReWire News US Trump’s America: Fair Housing Group Adds ‘Report Hate’ Button to Its Website
9/21/2017 RPA Lab US Renters Call for Local, National Action as Rents Rise
9/21/2017 Sonoma News Sonoma County Housing advocates will rally at Sonoma Plaza
9/22/2017 Ashland Daily Tidings Ashland Seeking shelter
9/22/2017 Colordado Independent Denver Colorado renters to landlord law firm: educate don’t evict
9/22/2017 Local ABC 10 Miami Nonprofit group builds tent camp for Civic Towers’ residents
9/22/2017 Sonoma Sun Sonoma County ‘Renters Week’ rally on Sonoma Plaza
9/23/2017 TruthOut US Tenants Push Back Against Corporate Landlords during Renter Week of Action
9/24/2017 Real News Network US Renters vs. Slumlords: Activists Nationwide Rally for Renter’s Rights
9/25/2017 KALW San Francisco California tenant advocates galvanized by national ‘week of action’ for renters
9/25/2017 UniCorn Riot Denver Eighty Families Offer to Purchase Mobile Home Park to Avoid Eviction
9/25/2017 Univision 14 San Francisco San Francisco Reunión de inquilinos en Alameda para discutir la falta de vivienda asequible
9/27/2017 East Bay Times East Bay Rent control fight to be arduous, Alameda conference hears
9/27/2017 East Bay Times (Bay Area News Group) Oakland/ East Bay Soaring rents, evictions, tenants rally in Oakland to close landlord loopholes in Just Cause protections
9/28/2017 Sonoma Sun Sonoma County ‘The rent is too damn high’
9/30/2017 Apartment Therapy US Here’s how much extra cash you’d have if rent were affordable
10/2/2017 NLIHC US National Equity Atlas Releases Renter Fact Sheets
10/4/2017 The Oregonian Portland Portland City Council extends renter protection and ‘housing emergency’ policies
10/6/2017 Daily Free Press Boston City Council votes to pass act protecting tenants