• maintenance of list of individual donors in SALSA database
  • creating lists of donors for staff and board to call in order to raise funds for grassroots fundraising gatherings
  • working with the operations staff to develop the individual donor list
  • hosting events with individual donors
  • creating parties and events for individual donors
  • sending out thank you letters for their contributions and support
  • working with the Board on a fundraising plan
  • working with the RTTC to integrate a fundraising plan into the programmatic work


  • assisting Director with writing grants and proposals
  • editing and proofing grants written by associate support, Executive Directors or staff
  • keeping a calendar of grants and reports that are due
  • setting up meetings with current funders and executive directors, leaders and staff
  • working with the Communications Director to create packets for meetings with brochures, recent press and concept papers generated by Right to the City

Prospective Fundraising:

  • identifying potential donors and setting up meetings with them
  • researching and creating lists of prospective donors
  • working with the Executive Director to find contacts for the donors