INTERESTED? Contact Lenina Nadal at and fill out the attached application. Interviews will be held from Jan. 8th- Feb- 8th. 

Dynamite Interns are needed for Right to the City Alliance Homes for All #WeCantWait Media Campaign
Do you like to write, edit, engage in storytelling? We are looking for interns with journalism and media experience to support our national Right to the City Alliance with an online campaign to raise awareness about the housing, foreclosure and affordability crisis in the US and to support local fights against gentrification and displacement in cities across the country.

Intern Work Descriptions


The Can’t Wait List is a webspace and storybank that will document the lives of countless individuals and families that are waiting for affordable housing nationwide.  THE GOAL IS TO COLLECT 1,000 stories that we will be taking to Washington DC this summer  to let our electeds see the lives impacted by the housing crisis in cities throughout the country. Homes For All defines affordable housing as housing that is free from the threat of displacement, accessible to all, quality, community controlled and costs no more than 30% of our income.

 We need interns to: 

DO OUTREACH AND INTERVIEWS  – Do you like to meet people and invite them to share their story? We are looking for brave students who will go through the city, and call people throughout the country and speak to individuals and institutions about getting them to share their story with the Can’t Wait List. You will likely be making some cold calls to organizations, reaching out to their members and then conducting interviews. You will invite people to join the Homes for All campaign and continue to get involved.
EDITING– RTC is looking for a media  intern to help us review stories submitted on our Can’t Wait List- and copy edit the stories and approve them for  the website. The intern will also follow up with organizations to make sure we have photos  for each of the pieces written on the website.  The intern will also look at stories in terms of content and will point out to the RTC staff the most engaging stories written.
We may consider making these stories into videos or audio projects along with other producers. Skills in reading and writing Spanish and Chinese are deeply needed since many of our stories are in these  languages.
PETITION BUILDERS  – Many of our groups need support setting up petitions to promote their work and efforts to save people’s homes.  We would love support from our interns in following up with our local groups to get the most essential information of their story including pictures of the people.
MEME MAKERS –  The Right to the City framework is worldwide and contagious. It seems like everywhere issues of housing, eviction prevention, gentrification and displacement are part of people’s personal lives and how their communities are evolving. We want to have fun with our frame and our Homes for All campaign and make memes and art, video and images that will consistently message our work and the Right to the City frame on facebook, twitter, tumblr and diggit. We are looking for interns who feel they have the creative vision, skills and sense of humor to make memes and move our social media.
BLOG WRITING– We are looking for content for our blog and to help maintain and host stories and RSS feeds dealing with gentrification and displacement locally and nationally. If you love to write and have a progressive vision around housing issues we would love your support.
DESIGN SUPPORT – If you like doing infographs and making facts and information visually engaging we would love to see how you can be part of our campaign, work with our research committee and develop infographs that are compelling for use in social media and fact sheets.
MAINTENANCE- As with any internship, RTC has some not so sexy work of maintaining lists of reporters and funders, keeping our lists updated, and  sometimes we need interns to help us take notes at meetings and follow up.  
NYC LOCAL ACTION SUPPORT– As part of the Homes for All campaign, NYC will be doing a local action, we will need support coordinating groups for the action, pitching to press and working with groups to identify their national spokespeople and brand this an RTC Homes for All action.

SKILLS DESCRIPTION: Writing persuasively and editing skills, having knowledge of housing and gentrification issues, experience with interviews and community outreach, video and photography interest and skills, design production, organizing.

What you will get:
1- Experience forging an online strategy of a national housing campaign
2- Knowledge of Right to the City groups fighting against displacement, for urban environmental alternatives and public facilities throughout the world.
3- Access to network of nonprofit groups fighting for social justice in NYC and the US.

This internship will begin on Monday, February 3.  It will pay $10/hour up to 5 hours/week for those not eligible to receive college credit. For interns receiving college credit, Urban Studies, Media Studies, and Political Science as well as other majors, we will cover the cost of travel to and from our office and any necessary travel tied to the internship work itself. PLUS, you get to work with an amazing group of leaders driving an exciting and dynamic national alliance of over 50 member organizations!

INTERESTED? Contact Lenina Nadal at and fill out the attached application. Interviews will be held from Jan. 8th- Feb- 8th.