Tony Romano, organizing director of the Right to the City Alliance, and Gilda Haas, RTC’s steering committee representative, recently attended a delegation to Spain to learn some of the tactics and strategies of one of the most effective anti-eviction networks worldwide, Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca. This visit comes at a critical time because Right to the City organizations are active in the United States bringing out the issues of how corporate landlords and private equity firms like Blackstone are swooping up thousands of single family homes and converting them into rentals. Apparently, this is also an issue that affects the Spanish people.

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In addition to finding out about great anti- displacement organizing, a monumental election was taking place in Barcelona. The candidate running for mayor was also a member of the PAH network and to a wonderful mobilizing effort, the PAH leader was able to win the election in Spain. To read more about this click below.

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Last, Gilda Haas, also known as Dr. Pop, before joining the delegation had been in Mondragon with a group of students investigating a true example of building the right to the city. To read more about this trip click below.

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