Originally Published on Detroit People’s Platform

Yesterday, March 31st, The Detroit News announced “Wayne County extends foreclosure deadline to May 12.”
While we recognize this as an opportunity for more people to stay in their homes, this is not the victory that Detroit People’s Platform and many other advocates are fighting for, which is a one year moratorium on all tax foreclosures of occupied homes.
Yesterday. Detroit City Council also passed a resolution on the tax foreclosure crisis after residents and community groups rallied and spoke out about the crisis. The Councils’ Resolution can be read here.
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Yesterday’s action by the Wayne County Treasurer may provide relief for some families who were unable to make the March 31st deadline, however it does not meet the demands that we and other advocates have called for including:
• That a halt be placed on all Tax Foreclosures for a minimum of one year.
• That the City Assessors complete their lawful duties and responsibilities, reassess all property values and roll back property tax debt of owner/occupants to compensate for City’s failure to properly and fairly “reassess” property taxes. Establish a fair and simplified tax assessment process and year-round application for tax reassessment.
• Remove all tax liens for past-due water bills.
We will continue to stand in solidarity with Detroiters and fight for a moratorium on the unfair and unjust tax foreclosures. Please stay tuned for opportunities to engage in future actions from the Detroit People’s Platform as we move into the second phase of our Detroit Homes for All Campaign.